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Release Notes

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Version 2.15.10 02/11/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.09 05/10/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.08 07/09/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.07 03/08/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.06 06/07/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.05 01/06/2015
  • ... please see details in PDF
Version 2.15.04 04/05/2015
  • Products can now be allocated to multiple material types for selection during sales order entry.
  • Parameter based works ticket colouring.
  • Integrated program update checking and installation.
  • Integrated support client installation and request.
  • System defined full appropriation checking.
  • Sales document email processing.
Version 2.15.03 07/04/2015
  • Products can now be allocated to multiple material types for selection during sales order entry.
  • Product qualification requirements can now be recorded.
  • It is now possible to view provisional material requirement and work content for un-processed orders.
  • Default terms and conditions can now be used for orders where no specific terms are required.
  • Sales dashboard has been updated and simplified to provide new options to update events and tasks.
  • New processes now ‘fix’ the appropriated batches during ticket allocation.
  • A new raw material transfer option has been provided.
Version 2.15.02 03/03/2015
  • Many windows that were of fixed size are now resizable including purchase account and order processing.
  • Ticket allocation now allows drag and drop from toolbox to allocation window.
  • The build in link between nominal and department has been removed allowing more flexible account processing.
  • The capacity overview has been extended to include display of bottlenecks and workflow summary.
  • Knitting machine summary to analyse workflow through specific frames / knitting machines.
Version 2.15.01 03/02/2015
  • Speed of processing of the raw materials stock take update has been greatly improved.
  • New personnel payment summary report providing either detailed or summary information.
  • Stores can now be flagged as active or inactive with inactive ones hidden by default.
  • Speed of processing of the finished goods stock take update has been greatly improved.
  • Product size copy can now update measurements for existing sizes n a range.
Version 2.14.12 06/01/2015
  • Quicker printing of works documentation directly from ticket browse list print button.
  • Line item discounting added to sales order processing.
  • Improved sales order despatch cancellation to allow roll back of despatched orders.
  • Addition of system notes to identify critical data changes.
  • Default products to 'colourway' type in system settings.
  • Improved address format case checking (UPPER, lower, Proper).
  • User definable sales order import from CSV to allow import of 'other system' orders.
  • Priority tickets identified in ticket processing.
  • 'Active' notes in areas to enable automatic display of notes relating to sales, purchase and personnel records.
Version 2.14.11 02/12/2014
  • Product material content now calculated from raw material contents.
  • Direct links to production reports from sales order browse.
  • Web store export to website now includes 'Full Collection'.
  • Colourways can now be identified as 'Collection' as well as products.
  • Sales order discounting can now be entered as nett or total as well as percentage rate.
  • New user definable raw material batch label printing procedure.
  • New sales order price list and detailed price list comparison reports.
  • User definable product barcode import to allow import from CSV files.
Version 2.14.10 03/11/2014
  • Invoice posting within TEMACS for generation of commission information separated from external accounts posting.
  • Addition of Excel export of commission data as well as access to invoices and credit notes directly from commission data.
  • Global thumbnail update option has been added to the image library.
  • Additional warning has been placed on ticket job option where update group type is not ticket.
  • Development of price list export to Excel to provide complete fully formatted price list including images.
  • Web store development for the import of web sales directly into finished goods sales.
Version 2.14.09 02/10/2014
  • Development of a new section for the planning and tracking of prototypes.
  • Development of the capacity overview to show accurate projected work and expected completion.
  • Product costings now allow allocation of machine to operation to provide data for capacity and bottleneck planning.
  • A new store levels option displays tree view of SKU information including in progress and reserved stock.
  • Stores can now be linked to form master / child relationship for stock levels.
  • Parent batch information can now be maintained on raw material stock.
Version 2.14.08 01/09/2014
  • Knitting order print now allows for preparation of work before materials are available.
  • Development of new knitting line calculation section.
Version 2.14.07 29/07/2014
  • Statistics centre has been updated to allow the return of up to 20 columns of data.
  • Stores can be identified as 'web stores' with data export to update website store data.
  • Image library records thumbnail images in the database to greatly speed image display.
  • Measurement information on ticket printing is now user definable by product type.
  • Raw material stock to order report now includes 'on issue' column identifying material in production.
  • Despatch and invoice processing now displays product name as well as reference during selection.
Version 2.14.06 01/07/2014
  • Expansion of the personnel management section to provide staistical analysis of performance.
  • Standard terms and conditions are now user definable for all sales and purchase layouts.
  • EC sales list now exports the data in a format suitable for digital submission.
  • Process ticket label print processing has been extended to speed processing of scanned tickets.
  • Countries outside the EC can now be defined to use the EC tariff code information.
  • IntraStat reporting now generates the data in a format suitable for digital submission.
  • Sales account terms can now be defined in a standard table for selection onto sales account or order.
  • Stores now accept bin numbers up to 999 in all three dimensions.
  • A new sales order comparison option has been added to the sales order detailed listing.
  • Exchange rates now allow for up to 4 decimal places.
  • Tickets can now be split directly from a works order with allocation to another order number.
  • Sales document numbers are now accessed from the last number recorded in the system parameters.
Version 2.14.05 03/06/2014
  • New production accounting dashboard options have been added to analyse ticket weight information.
  • The pro-forma status of orders is now identified clearly on agent order reports.
  • A new part paid pro-forma option has been added to clearly identify pro-forma orders at all stages.
  • Raw materials listing now includes an option to show the current level 'at a date' for stock taking.
  • A new ticket allocation toolbox speeds the selection of products and quantities for allocation to personnel.
  • Sales order monitor now includes cost of sales and margin analysis information.
  • Personnel quailifation section now includes products alongside the allocated quantity information.
  • The file sizes generated by Excel export procedures have been greatly reduced.
  • Sales monitor now includes an export option to transfer the data to Excel format.
  • A new 'My Orders' option has been added to the sales monitor to assist agent management.
  • Mapping options using Google Maps have been added to the sales account list.
  • Ticket weighing options can now be recorded as a barcode for quick recovery and to ensure accuracy.
Version 2.14.04 02/05/2014
  • A new product prototyping section has been added to aid prototyping department process completion.
  • Sales order level BOM amendment has been added to provide material flexibility where needed.
  • Statistics Center has been improved to provide drop down analysis and filtering of returned data.
  • A new export option has been added to despatch history aiding EDI processing.
  • Speed of sales order value summary reports has been optimised by improved SQL queries.
  • Jobbed tickets can now be cancelled rather than completing processing using second selection of job option.
Version 2.14.03 05/04/2014
  • Ticket swap process to allow swapping of tickets between orders or with free stock
  • Ticket bench allocation to allow allocation of tickets to specific machines
  • Real time trackig of production waiting at each bench / machine
  • Drag & drop on personnel management for ticket re-allocation
  • New production prototype checking system to assist in prototype control
  • Introduction of statistics centre
  • Raw material provisional requirement processing for forecasting un-procssed orders
Version 2.14.02 03/03/2014
  • New pro forma account checks to prevent despatch prior to payment
  • Finished goods reports opions to show available and avalable to go
  • Raw material reports per store for multi location material control
  • Improved handling of bin numbers for reserved in production stock
Version 2.14.01 04/02/2014
  • Export and import product prices for easy editing in Excel
  • Product order search to locate where an SKU has been ordered.
  • Product based into stock lead time.
  • Sales order browse can now display full quantity detail (right click).
  • Sales order drill down without having to edit the order.
  • Production drill down to ticket and requirements from order product and colour.
  • Suppler and personnel drill downto active allocated producion tickets.
  • Despatch shipment processing allows preparation of despatch and final shipment.
  • Despatch cancellation (shipped or unshipped).
Version 2.13.12 02/01/2014
  • Customers special instructions can now be added directly to a product pre order.
  • New production accounting dashboard.
  • Live order percentage completion dsplay to assist in despatch decision making.
  • Optimised capacity overview improves performnce by 700%
  • In progress information is now available directly on product browse.
  • Store quantity in progress information is now live queried rather than recorded.
  • New notes toolbox now displays priority notes automatically for specific tasks.
Version 2.13.11 29/11/2013
Version 2.13.10 30/10/2013
Version 2.13.9 29/09/2013
Version 2.13.8 30/08/2013
Version 2.13.7 30/07/2013
Version 2.13.6 29/06/2013
Version 2.13.5 28/05/2013
Version 2.13.4 31/04/2013
Version 2.13.3 30/03/2013
Version 2.13.2 29/02/2013


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